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Mars Chiropractor | Mars chiropractic care | PA | Sports Injury

100 School Street

Mars, PA 16046

Dr. Warren Raishart

(724) 687-7011

Sports Injury

Acute Injuries:

Having run track, wrestled, cycled & weightlifted, Dr. Raishart knows how frustrating it can be to have an injury and not be able to perform at his best.  Dr. Raishart has been helping numerous competitive athletes from youth to collegiate heal their injuries for the past thirteen years. 


Treating injuries such as:

  • Neck and back sprain/strains
  • Repetitive use injuries
  • Extremity injuries for shoulder, elbow, wrist down to ankles


Maximizing your Athletic Potential:

An athlete's body in comparison is like a sports car.  Both should move as fast, powerful and smooth as possible.  As mechanics perform regular maintenance on a car to optimize performance, chiropractors perform regular maintenance on athletes to optimize their best performance possible.  Would you pull out on the highway with your wheels misaligned and expect your car to perform at it's peak?  The faster and longer you drive it the more problems it will develop.  As an athlete the same thing will happen.  Without proper maintenance stress accumulates shifting the spine away from your ideal musculoskeletal structure.  That's why 90% of collegiate and professional athletes receive regular chiropractic care.  Athletes realize that staying in proper alignment allows them to be as fast, strong and flexible as possible while reducing risk of injury.

Mars Chiropractor | Sports Injury. Dr. Warren Raishart is a Mars Chiropractor.
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