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Dr. Warren Raishart

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Auto Injury

Every year millions of people are involved in auto accidents.  Sometimes people can experience pain right away while others may not feel pain or muscle spasms for weeks.  Without proper treatment, auto injuries can have a serious impact on your health, leading to months or even years of chronic pain.  Dr. Raishart has helped many patients alleviate their pain and return to a normal lifestyle. 

If you have recently been in an auto accident, time is of the essence.  Prompt treatment will benefit both acute and chronic pain.  Dr. Raishart will perform a thorough exam and x-rays if necessary to diagnose  your underlying injuries and determine a treatment plan for your body to heal properly.  Chiropractic adjustments will treat the underlying condition by returning the spine to its normal position.

Neck and back pain can occur when the force of an auto accident strains the musculoskeletal system out of proper alignment.  Studies show that it only takes an impact of 2.5 mph for 30% of people to experience an injury and speeds of 6mph for 65% of people to sustain an injury.  Also, 94% of people will have a loss of normal neck curvature.  While many people rely on pain medications and muscle relaxants for temporary relief, medications alone will not treat your underlying spinal alignment. If left untreated auto injuries can cause people chronic pain, stiffness, and abnormal body mechanics.  Chiropractic care will help patients with long term pain management and regain mobility in their body.

If you've been involved in an accident and you are experiencing:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Pain or Numbness in arms or legs
  • Fatigue

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